Are you CEO-ready?

Dynamic Strategic Environment

GlobStrat is a true economic simulator - as opposed to a pre-recorded scenario where participants are benchmarked against a pre-defined optimum behavior. Like a flight simulator, GlobStrat's state-of-the-art simulation engine is built on very sophisticated mathematical models that accurately emulate the real world and are consistent with the best and latest strategic manuals.

GlobStrat provides a dynamic strategic environment where participants are immersed into a virtual, yet very realistic business world.
Most theoretical strategic arenas can be explored and implemented:

Value Chain: achieving synergy and balance across all business units
Differentiation: vs cost/volume vs customer-intimacy strategies
Corporate Portfolio: specialization, diversification and strategic alliances
Innovation: development of new technologies and products, joint ventures
Globalization: domestic player... or global player in Americas, Europe and Asia
Cooperation: outsourcing, licensing, technological alliances, holdings
Strategic intelligence: market survey, competitive intelligence, internal audits
Organization: team work, team organization, human resources management
Social Responsibility: employment, education, health, safety, fair trade, ethics
Sustainable Development: toxicity, renewable energy, recycling, waste...

Like in the real world, GlobStrat participants do not compete against computer algorithms - they compete head-to-head against each-other. Being good at what you do is not enough. To be ahead of the game, you need to analyze, strategize, adapt and outsmart your peers.

Direct competition makes for intelligent opposition and epic battles.
And with no pre-defined winning strategies, GlobStrat offers an ever-renewed experience.

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