Are you CEO-ready?

GlobStrat Simulations
3 levels of strategic complexity

GlobStrat simulations are management training tools, aimed at developing participants ability to understand the economic logic of a business, to define and implement a business strategy and to evaluate their ability to create value. Through team work and experiential learning, they will discover and develop the CEO perspective, at three levels of complexity that the instructor may manage through easy to use choices and plugins:

GlobStrat_Business integrates all business functions in a 360° vision of the firm, in order to introduce the management learnings of participants in terms of: getting a large overview of a firm and of its management, defining and implementing a successful business strategy, understanding «what is a business», and grasping the responsibility of an entrepreneur. This basic pedagogical proposal is perfectly suited to introductory course of management or to a team building objective... Its complexity corresponds to a small business or a business unit whose strategic thinking is focused on penetrating domestic market, internationalizing on a new market, differentiation of its customer proposal through building competitive advantages (Price, costs, advertising, services, quality), and innovation (3 new products).
Central concepts : strategic positioning, competitive advantage, customer value, value creation...

GlobStrat_Corporate, adds four additional strategic options concerning:
   Globalization (3 international markets),
   Innovation (7 new products, including green hybrid products),
   Differentiation via Quality certifications (ISO 9000) and Ecological certifications (ISO 14000),
   Co-opetition via 4 plugins activating alliances and partnerships, negotiated through the web, concerning:
        Outsourcing: negotiation of manufacturing partnerships,
        Joint-ventures: negotiation of technological partnerships creating hybrid products,
        Licenses: negotiation of sales partnerships for new products under license,
        Financial holdings: negotiation of financial partnerships.
These plugins are easy to use and even to change during the simulation: just a clic !
Central concepts : strategic positioning, competitive advantage, customer value, innovation, resources allocation, strategic capabilities, coherency premium, value creation...

GlobStrat_Triple Bottom Line, integrates Corporate options plus Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility of the firm with or without the alliances & partnerships plugins. The participants’ mission is to create value, Porter’s «Shared Value», through decisions integrating economic value (Profit), environmental sustainability (Planet), and social responsibility (People), i.e. a stakeholders‘ perspective. A Triple Bottom Line scorecard is implemented.
Central concepts
: strategic positioning, competitive advantage, customer value, sustainability, social responsibility, stakeholders value...
& Partnerships
= 4 products, 3 domestic market segments + export
= Business + Innovation + Globalization + Differentiation + ISO Certifications
+ 4 optional plugins
GlobStrat_Triple Bottom Line
= GlobStrat_Corporate + Social Responsibility + Stakeholders + Triple Bottom Line Scorecard
+ 4 optional plugins