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Economic Models

All strategic theories that you teach can be explored and implemented in GlobStrat, including Partnerships & Strategic Alliances that can lead, eventually, in the final business report on Merger & Acquisition projects.

Without any predefined winning strategy, GlobStrat offers an ever-renewed experience.
The competitive configuration’s build by the 3 to 9 competitors‘ interaction, installed on 2 to 3 world markets, with 3 market segments each, is necessarily different from one simulation to another.

The performance of a team in GlobStrat will mainly depend upon the soundness of the strategy defined, its implementation, and of course the environment created by the chosen scenario and the actual competitors (markets, new technologies, conjuncture), on one side, as upon the team work quality, on the other side. As in real life, a coherency premium is systematically observed from one simulation to another in Globstrat.

The decisions taken by the participants are not only budgeting decisions (amount spent) but actual strategic options (investments, functional policies, transverse processes...) that the company will be able to finance given its self financing capacity and its long term debt capacity. These investments may generate competitive advantages and new strategic capabilities, leading to value creation: growth, profit and sustainability.

Strategic options opened in Globstrat:
Innovation (7 new products) x internationalization (3 markets) x differentiation (4 options: cost, quality, service, sustainability) x specialization/diversification (3 segments) x 9 firms = an incredible number of combinations !

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Globstrat Graphics