Are you CEO-ready?

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Customize your simulation
GlobStrat has been designed to teach multiple levels. Whether MBA or undergraduate, seasoned or junior executives, GlobStrat is a very efficient pedagogical tool, with several benefits:
    Hands-on experience, in a risk-free virtual environment
    Realistic and immersive game
    Effective action-based learning
    Decisions making practice
    Breadth & depth of all major business functions
    Competitive spirit
    Fun & Involvement

GlobStrat can be configured to perfectly adapt to the audience and pedagogical objectives:
    Configurable complexity
       Activate or disable alliances and partnerships
       Limit the number of products and market
       Plan the number of simulated years
    Configurable scenarios
       Predefined scenarios: growth, maturity, crisis
       Custom scenarios: it's up yo your imagination!
    Configurable schedule
       Multi-week sessions (e.g. 1 week per decision round)
       Intensive seminars (e.g. 2-4 hours per decision round)