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Instructors Training and Certification

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Step by step we’ll accompany you all along the way
It is important that we guarantee you the success of the simulation ! Training is therefore mandatory, and is divided into three steps:

GlobStrat student perspective:
making decisions with detailed review of decisions
get the results
GlobStrat Instructor perspective:
Simulation administration set up: calendar & practice round, complexity options, TBL parameters
Simulation configuration : schedule start time and end time of each round; student team assignment; registration monitoring
Documents management: share your document, retrieve and save
Method: On-site or on-line training: 3h to half a day, according to your schedule.
Tools available: User guide, Instructor guide, automatic student coaching

2- GlobStrat economic models:
generating and adjusting simulation results
analyze and explain the results
student coaching
Method: Throughout the simulation, at each closing round, we assist you by remote coaching. Around 2H, divided in 4 or 6 rounds, half hour each.
Tools available : automatic results analysis reports

3- GlobStrat final debriefing:
Global simulation analysis, identifying key events -success/mistake-, retrospective... to be presented in front of the class.
Method: 1h webmeeting after the final round.
Tools available: debriefing presentation

Other documents or tools will guarantee you an educational comfort:
Introduction classroom presentation, AOL, Syllabus, Automatic diagnostic

You are now a certified Instructor
But still we’re here for you, and we’ll pay attention to the success of each of your simulation !!

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