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Turnkey Solution

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Our goal is to provide instructors with a successful teaching tool that provides:
    pedagogical value to participants
    fruitful and fun experience
    hassle-free experience for instructors

To that end, we designed GlobStrat to be a turnkey solution.

No Hassle
GlobStrat is fully web-based, with built-in pedagogical tools and comes with comprehensive documentation, and 24/7 assistance.
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Customize your Simulation
GlobStrat can be configured to adapt to your audience and your pedagogical objectives. 3 levels of complexity + 4 plugins + an easy to use administrative dashboard enables Professor to organize the teams, define the planning, and adapt the simulation... to his pedagogical needs.
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Instructor Training and Certification
Become a certified Instructor in a few hours, through a customized training program.
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Over the years, GlobStrat has been successfully adopted by leading business schools and Fortune 500 corporations. Check out our Testimonials & References.