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GlobStrat has been adopted by several prestigious Business Schools and Fortune 500 firms.

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«Fantastic simulation - learned a lot during this exercise. This type of exercise should even be made mandatory for a lot of personnel category.»

«Really had fun on the simulation. It promotes teamwork and collaboration, not only among team members but also on other teams through strategic alliances. This exercise can be relevant in real life among many organizations.»

«A very interesting simulation! Stimulating, team working... and fun, but serious.»

«Excellent game to understand how to act and understand the competition we must face in our business, keeping in mind the target to create value.»

«It’s an impressive simulation for economy business. Debriefing & lesson learning of our mistakes is very important.»

«Very powerful to increase awareness on all interaction between production/ sales/ strategic decisions.»

«Impressive tool: strategy learning, leadership learning, team work, finance principles.»


«One of the key strength of GlobStrat is the progression in the complexity of the game from one round to the next. This is very important since participants start by understanding the simulation environment and are confronted later on to increasingly complex market situations. Learning is thus progressive, participants are never discouraged or bored. GlobStrat has always been a success.»
Emmanuel Josserand
Professor, Strategic Management - HEC Genève

«Thank  you very much for your great help, we appreciate the GlobStrat simulation system very much. »
Assistant Professor - HEC Montreal

«I have facilitated many business game seminars for executive education in several countries, using different softwares. By far, GlobStrat has always shown to be the best teaching tool. I found it realistic, comprehensive, very well designed, and user friendly for both participants and instructors. It also provides a number of very useful tools (graphics, forecasts, business studies, etc.) that contribute to make GlobStrat seminars a success...»
Serge Perrot
Professor, Paris Sud 11 University